Emotionally Toxic Workplaces

Emotionally toxic workplaces are prevalent, widespread, suffered by enormous numbers of individuals and do damage to both organisations and people. This book is mainly a literature review and is the only one that we are aware of that covers the entire field of the following themes and brings them together in a single, convenient location. The review of the existing literature identified articles and research concerned with one or two of the following: sources, causes, symptoms, identifying characteristics, toxic people, toxin handlers, outcomes and statistics, surviving and overcoming toxic workplaces. The appendix describes a pilot research study into personal constructs of emotionally toxic workplaces.

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Personal Constructs and Career Exploration

This book is intended as entry level reading for students, scholars, researchers and practitioners wanting to learn about Personal Construct Psychology and methodology. Part One outlines Kelly’s (1955) Personal Construct theory. Part Two describes the methods and techniques. This part of the book takes a hands-on approach whereby readers are invited to use the methods themselves as they learn about them and uses career exploration as the vehicle fo doing so. Despite the focus on career exploration the usefulness of the methods is not restricted to that domain. In addition to clinical and counselling psychology these techniques have been used to powerful effect in business research, consultancy and for elaborating concepts in the classroom. Hence the book should appeal to a wide range of practitioners and researchers and maybe especially useful as entry level reading for thesis students working with PCP.

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