Private tutor and mentoring service

For Management, Social Science, Education and Arts Students
Dr. Robin Hill
ReConstrue Limited

Mentoring and tuition in:
- Essay writing, Report writing, literature search, research methods, exam preparation.
- Subject areas - organizational behaviour, human resource management, introduction to management, social science and business research methods, business writing, adult education, psychology (introductory psychology, social psychology, and organizational psychology).

Tuition individually, in pairs or in groups of 3 to 5 students. Fifty-minute appointments (see appointment schedule, below)
Individual tuition:           $40 per 50 minutes.
Tuition in pairs:              $60 per 50 minutes ($30 each).
Groups of 3 to 5:             $20 each person per 50 minutes.

Dr. Robin Hill has over 20 years lecturing and tutoring experience at university degree level in the subjects listed above.

Appointment schedule.
Weekdays only. No weekend or evening appointments.

9.00am to 9.50am
10.00am to 10.50am
11.00am to  11.50am
Lunch break
1.00pm to 1.50pm
2.00pm to 2.50pm
3.00pm to 3.50pm
4.00pm to 4.50pm

Dr. Hill & Associates
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Ph. (07) 843-7188
Mobile: 021-264-8777